“Movie Night” Birthday Party

Are you feeling under pressure to stage a memorable birthday party for your child but don’t want to spend the money for a venue or entertainer? A Movie Night is an idea for a low budget fun birthday party you can host at home.

Start by choosing your film for the night –this can become your theme for invites, decoration, food and favours.

If you prefer more generic movie decoration ideas you could create a ‘Cinema’, ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Oscar’ themed party: create your own Hollywood Walk of Fame with cut out golden stars, featuring the names of your guests (in the hall as a grand entrance or on the table as table cloth). Use a star shaped cookie cutter for star shaped biscuits and sandwiches – and red (plastic) tablecloths to drape around a banister or to create a cinema-style curtain around your TV!

Invites are great for setting the scene. For a Movie Night you can either chose a themed invite (e.g. Frozen, Cinderella, Minions, Dinosaurs) orcinematicket 1 print a couple of cinema tickets. On her blog, likemomandapplepie offers a really nice free printable which can be customised and printed at home (please click here to access):

On a different blog (diva-girl-parties-cinematicket 2and-stuff.com) I found a slightly less expensive alternative. This can be accessed here.

You can also find a huge selection of movie themed printables on etsy – invites, labels, bottle wrappers and stickers (these are not free, prices vary).

If you are the crafty type, you can quickly put together a couple of (cardboard) food trays for the guests. They can then fill these with their favourite snacks from the “Snack Bar” before setfood traytling down for their film. Some ideas for snacks are Crisps, Popcorn, Nachos, Sweets. Your snack bar can, of course, be as elaborate as you like…

I found the example on the left on an etsy shop (click here to see the full offer) Unfortunately they don’t ship to Ireland. I thought it looked very nice though and helps to spark some ideas.

food tray 2

A bit less fancy but fully serves its purpose: a silver food tray from fivelittlechefs.com (click here for the full blog post).

If you are looking for an arts and crafts activity, this could be themed depending on your film – or combined with a hot chocolate buffet! Each child gets a plain mug which they can paint (make sure it is suitable paint for ceramics) – alternatively, you could let them colour in white paper cups. Once the paint is dry, the guests can go to the hot chocolate buffet, to choose from marshmallows, cream, sprinkles… If the guests are allowed to drink their hot chocolate in the “cinema”, I’d advise to find cups with lids to avoid spillage!

If your focus is on the Walk of Fame, why not let each guest create their own star, including hand prints, using salt dough. This is very easy to make dough which only requires three ingredients: salt, flour and water (one recipe can be found here). You can make the dough before the party so you are ready to go when the guests arrive.This activity should probably take place before the film so the stars can be dried in the oven while the guests are occupied…

Another great and inexpensive activity is to let the guests dress up as their favourite movie stars and let them take photos of each other (don’t forget to create a backdrop or “photo booth”, e.g. using curtains, tablecloths, balloons…).

Oh, and here is something else I found and would love to try soopopcorn cupcakesn: Popcorn Cupcakes! The photo is from drivenbydecor.com – please click here to read the blog which includes a tutorial!

A different, potentially less time consuming tutorial can be found on duhlicious.com (here).

Then let the guests settle in and enjoy the film (while you have lots of time to prepare the birthday cake – or to put the feet up)!

Enjoy your party!


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